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Wilson And Perez was established  to provide consumers with a credible, effective and trustworthy organisation, determined to assist them in termination, relinquishment and exits from erroneous timeshare contracts. Our employees, Directors, Servants and Agents have never been involved in the selling, administrating or management of any timeshare organisations, service or product.


We are a legal entity and are affiliate members of the Institute of Paralegals (IoP) and our legal staff are individual members of NALP. We also assist for some Pro-Bono consumers which supports and assists consumers in many different aspects of International, Land and Real Estate law.


We are in obedience with compliance procedures and externally Internal compliance testing. We publish and submit to ethical principles and practices. As we are not solicitors, and contentious business is not permitted by Paralegal service providers, we engage at all times with effective and specialist timeshare/jurisdiction solicitors if and when required. We seek advice and instruct solicitors and counsel on behalf of our clients, and maintain full professional legal cover in all forums of dispute settlement. When any transference of representation occurs, our voluntary procedure will be fully compatible to legal rules.

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As many actions require funding, we will assist and represent you in pursuit of Litigation funding in the event that we are supportive of.



When advising on the issue of law, it is only just that we guarantee and provide assurance as to the service we offer to our clients. In satisfaction of that just position, Wilson & Perez will pay for any and all adverse cost incurred by our clients in the event that we recommend litigation.



Our organisation employs and engages with solicitors, barristers, paralegal service providers, account managers and maintains reserves for all its clients until a service has reached its conclusion.



We only work with reputable companies and firms who are prepared to act ethically. From the 7th of February 2016 we will not accept formal referrals or offer to another inducement for referrals work.



Please note that timeshare exits and relinquishments are not for everyone and do not fulfil the needs and desires of all consumers.



Upon receipt of the signed engagement letter we will begin the process and give you all the required information so you can be confident in the knowledge that you have full Wilson & Perez cover are able to engage with a reputable legal specialist.




Use the claims calculator  to work out

what your claim might be worth:

This is the basic amount you can claim - you can also claim legal interest on this amount from the date your claim is registered until you receive payment.