We go by the title Wilson & Perez as the full name is somewhat cumbersome in day to day dealings.


Wilson & Perez is a limited Company. Wilson & Perez operates from its own registered Office located at


PCP International

53-64 Chancery House

Chancery Lane





Wilson & Perez came into existence by the will of Timeshare Mediation which is a changed name of the old Timeshare Consumer Association who sold off there website to Tolmex Ltd on the 2nd of February 2016. The main reason for the selloff was that Tolmex Ltd claimed they would continue the service and assist consumers free of charge. Timeshare Mediation  changed its direction to fulfil the ever increasing role of proving a cost effective service for consumers who had a need to engage with timeshare resorts with a view of obtaining an exit from what some describe as onerous contracts.


The TCA [as was] assisted many clients who wanted a fairly priced options to exit timeshare, controlled by ethical principles and who were not encumbered by relationships with resorts and sellers of timeshare.


As a result of that perceived need, Wilson & Perez came into existence and for consumer to engage with a professional organisation who specialised in assisting consumers in the exit process of exiting timeshare and long term holiday products.


With that in mind Wilson & Perez was engineered by a “not for profit” organisation or a “company under guarantee” and who operates as a community company.



Wilson & Perez is consumer driven and does not employ anyone who has been involved with the selling or management of any timeshare resort. It maintains its independence and only employs people who are qualified lawyers or who are register with legal professional institutions. This is very important as all the issue that Wilson & Perez deals with are legal. Wilson & Perez firmly retains the belief that those assisting in timeshare legal matters should not be those who sold the contracts in the first place and deplores the gamekeeper/poacher assertions which many maintain as reasonable.


Wilson & Perez offers many services, is involving in many investigations, pre-litigation advice, engagement in resorts disputes, as well as working with many firms of Solicitors delivering support services in the specialise field of timeshare disputes.


Wilson & Perez retains a large amount of existing clients which number over 2,500 people who all seek to terminate what they perceive as onerous contracts containing non beneficial elements which in part reserve more of a burned than that a benefit.


As of June 2016 Wilson & Perez is involved in over 130 litigation’s in Spain and are presently working on over 600 financial claims involving consumer claims against banks and the like.


The International claims department


This department is handled and headed up by Mr Perez who is a fellow of the institute of Paralegal, retains a law degree and is qualified in many facets and enjoys being an active member in many legal faculties.


He is very keen on fitness and assists many to achieve their goals by attending gyms and other venues, in support of people who desire to change their lives. He has spent considerable amounts of time in Africa conducting charitable work and is very familiar with the many aspects of landlord and tenant issues including rights easements and conveyance related issues


The financial claims departments


These claims are reserved to Mr Wilson who with a team of Paralegals investigates, collates and prepares many hundreds of claims against financial institutions in the UK.


The department is known for handling difficult cases, whereby the Limitation Act of 1980 has to be overcome. Such requires considerable indulgence, and consideration, so as to correctly assert the liability. The financial team is supported by other firms who together may bring forward probably more timeshare claims than anyone else in the UK.


Support Service Department


This is the thrust of the services which Wilson & Perez provides to its client. Once a client and when contesting a resorts, on occasion they operate forms of ignoring the reality and try to override the legal processes issuing demands and sometimes debt collector letter in the hope that the retainer [consumer has with Wilson & Perez] is over. Not so, with Wilson & Perez. This department, managed by Mrs Juarez [who is an Affiliate Member of the IoP] collates with her staff all the necessary information logs, details and present needy advice to the many consumers who have a desire for updates. As the department structure is efficient when any issue breaks out Wilson & Perez has to hand a full inventory of the claims and counter assertions and can effectively head off those who seek to avoid the lawful process.


When the terminations have been complete, Mrs Juarez will answer any question you might have and issue many advice’s including aftercare information packs.


Once the termination letters have been sent, Mrs Juarez and her team maintains the records well into the future and maintains the rights of the clients.


Finance department and office management


With all companies and corporate structures, you need a steady hand on the tiller and this role is fulfilled by Mrs Morris who ensure that budgets are maintained, money is retained for forward projects and that any and all payments to others are distributed fairly on time and in accordance with the terms and conditions we and other impose.


Mrs Morris with her team, installs management procedure’s and procurement whilst overseeing the financials. She obtains the litigation funding required to support the hundreds of cases Wilson & Perez maintains and monitors the long terms actions and distributes the necessary fund in support on the commitments the legal team has entered into.


Research department


This department is a rotations concept whereby a person is given a task. That task can take many months to reach a definitive conclusion and when concluded the principle report to the Directors who construct information booklets, then distribute those booklets which assists the consumer in their understanding. They are resort or company specific and provide the foundation bases for the many arguments which Wilson & Perez and other raise in contentious matters.


The department [when experiencing issues] of a complex nature retains budgets to either seek counsel’s opinion or refer the matter to a professional expert. Wilson Perez is able to retain particular defence to issues or make claims to further our overriding objective which is to protect and assist our clients.


Other non-timeshare related Departments


Wilson & Perez is controlling many long term projects including the development of two site in Cumbria. As an opportunity exists for our client to construct 2 muli-million pound Hotel developments, Wilson & Perez and its Directors were involved with the acquisition process and is currently re-employed to forge links with the local council and planners including structural engineers and architects to fully design and construct 2 45 bedroom hotels and leisure complexes. Wilson & Perez also assists a major roofing and decorative lead contractor in the many heritage projects it carries out over the UK


Litigation support


Wilson & Perez via Litigation funding is assisting many consumers involved in contentious timeshare disputes and has extended the service to insolvencies cases in an effort to recovery money owed by creditor to insolvent estates.


Company Secretary


Mrs. Rachel Coombs is the Company Secretary of Wilson Perez and the Compliance Manager of the various trust accounts which Wilson Perez retains.Our Team