The Timeshare Industry

Wilson Perez is not part of the timeshare industry we are, to avoid any doubt, part of the legal profession and as such we do not engage with the representatives of the resorts and management companies. We do however, engage with the parties and firms who represent the resorts which purport to bind you to the contracts which you seek relief from.


Bad press


Unfortunately for consumers, confusion is quite evident in timeshare. Timeshare by its very nature attracts a lot of contentious issues and disputes. This being a reality, the Timeshare Industry Resorts have a need to protect their business model and consumers have a need to exit those contracts which underpins the profitability of those Timeshare Resorts. To slow down the exiting consumers, the industry in general has a need to keep consumers. One way to stop the exodus is to rubbish the legal profession. This will cause confusion and dissuade consumers from engaging with some in the legal profession in fear that they might be scammed. This being the case, consumers should be aware that it is not in the best interest of your opponents to praise or persuade consumers to seek legal assistance.  However, the industry does receive a corresponding benefit if it deters consumers from an early exit.


The Timeshare Consumer Association


We work closely with this consumer enterprise and are proud to have on the board of directors Mr. Wilson. To make matters abundantly clear, Mr. Wilson is a nonpaid Director and assisted the company in its set up. Mr. Wilson holds the company to account in respect to its trading platform and regulates its’ activities.


In exchange for the services rendered by Mr Wilson, Wilson Perez makes donations to the TCA but has not input into its’ activities.