ABOUT                       Timeshare Assistance


Wilson Perez carries out many functions and can assist in many matters from exists litigation compensation liability claims and damages. Tess offers its many services to all those with timeshare issues.


We work with others including Timeshare Consumer Association TCA.




In court action will be able to assist in the following


  • Initial Timeshare advice

  • Injunctive relief

  • Letter to Clubs, Resorts and Debt Collectors

  • Preparing Statements of case

  • Preparing Defences

  • Witness Statement

  • Preparing skeleton arguments

  • Formulation of documents

  • Interviewing witnesses

  • Part 18 requests and replies

  • Part 36 offers and responding

  • Representation at mediation

  • Preparing position statement

  • Injunctive relief

  • Statutory declarations

  • Cost computation

  • Instructing counsel

  • Mediations and Arbitrations matters


We work with many others including solicitors, barristers, legal executives and legal secretaries to provide timeshare law services


Wilson Perez also will act on time or fixed fee arrangement.