Timeshare And Old Age

Are you over the age of 70 and have a timeshare

The Resort Development Organisation (RDO) is the only organisation which purports to be industry experts and do represent the timeshare industry. They represented in 2010 (TLTH consultation), they were familiar with every present timeshare contract in Europe. The RDO also claims to be the only legitimate Organisation in the timeshare industry. Being a claimed expert and having knowledge of all the European contracts, they (amongst other things) have independently investigated the position of the ‘elderly’ and in respect to the forward contractual obligations each elderly timeshare consumer is allegedly bound to.


The RDO have determined that a continuous obligation after 70 years old is unfair and/or onerous, and its Members have agreed to excuse consumers from timeshare contracts if one of the owners is over the age of 70. It is irreverent whether or not the club is a Member of the RDO as consumers can and should rely upon this independent and reasonable advice.


Duty of Care


The resort is a constitutional organisation operating in timeshare and has a clear duty to keep abreast of issues surrounding timeshare and the contractual arrangement which underpin it. The resort would, or ought to have known of the above matters and equally should have advised its Members accordingly.